About the Photographer

A bit of information about myself.


Hi. My name is Stew Hunt. I have been a passionate Photographer for over 38 years, teaching myself with books, magazines, videos and practice, practice, practice.

I believe that an image can evoke many different emotions. It's not important to me whether someone likes a particular image or not. What is important to me, is that I took the time to record a particular place at a particular moment in time, in a particular light. In other words, it meant something to me. That's why I Photographed it.

I hope you enjoy my gallery and please remember that it is a work in progress. I encourage you to send me some feedback by clicking the contact button above.

Feel free to download any images you like, however keep in mind that they are all subject to copyright and require written permission from myself if you plan on including them in any form of publishing (including electronic or print).

Cheers, Stew.

By the way, if you're interested in what I used to create this website, then head over here to see a demo. It is a software package you install on your own hosted website and it does all the hard work for you. View Demo